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  • Clay Feller - January 06, 2017

Very nice blanket more than expected

  • Cathy Maness - January 05, 2017

I'm very happy with the quality of this blanket. My mare is toasty warm. It was delivered on December 24th, 5 days earlier than expected! My mare measures 78. I had read this blanket ran a little big so I ordered a 75. It's fits perfectly. I would recommend this blanket to all of my friends.

  • Laura D - January 12, 2016

The product itself is way above my expectations. This product is well made. I love the cut in the shoulders and the extra long belly wrap. However, one thing to consider when ordering . My mare is a true to size 81" but this blanket is a little big and I should have ordered her a 78" maybe even a 76".

  • Rosa L - October 02, 2015

This is a perfect stable blanket. It is well made and it has a great thickness that is perfect for those cold winter nights. Honestly, because of its construction, it is a great turnout blanket as well for days that are a little colder but not too cold. My horse and I live in Canada, so generally he spends the days outside (using this blanket as a liner and another, even thicker blanket on top) and at night he comes inside and just wears this one to sleep in. I will say that it is fairly warm, so on the nights when it is above freezing we have had to take the blanket off and opt for a thinner, stable sheet. However, if your horse doesn't live in a heated barn, then this is perfect. My horse is a 16.3hh thoroughbred and this fits him true to size (78). The belly warmer is amazing, especially since we clipped him pretty close. There are d-rings to attach a hood as well. In general I definitely recommend this product and I could not find another for the same price. Pros -Price -Fit -Attractive -Belly warmer -d-rings (for hood attachment) Cons -A little too warm for above freezing nights

  • Karen Walton - February 03, 2015

Love it just need another one! Looks great on!

  • Ann C - January 20, 2015

Wow what a blanket! Super blanket, can't beat the price. Blanket arrived quickly

  • Ann - January 19, 2015

What a great blanket. Super Quality and super warm. Nice comfortable fit. And the price! Can you believe it? What a bargin! My horse is a 76" "ish" depending on the blanket so I got the 78", laundered it in warm water and dried it well before using it so it did whatever shrinking it would do and perfect! I love it, my Zippo Bar Robin aka "Blondie" loves it too! With the closed front and NO buckles this blanket is easy on the washer and dryer, no clangity clang! Buy it, you'll ve it and I bet my horse has it for her lifetime! Ride safe!

  • Jessie Palmer - December 20, 2014

Great blanket, fits perfect, heavy duty materials. Very happy with the purchase.

  • Veronica - October 11, 2012

Great blanket. I bought only one blanket first to make sure of the quality and size for my mare. It fit her great and the blanket is well made. I then bought another one for my filly. I would recommend this blanket to anyone.

  • Lynn Vaughn - February 07, 2012

Holding up great

  • Elizabeth Olson - January 11, 2012

We thought it was a velcro belly wrap blanket..other than that it's a good one

  • Judy Smith - October 17, 2011

nice heavy blanket.

  • Charles Bender - October 09, 2011

This blanket was an OUTSTANDING VALUE!! The fit was very good and THE QUALITY WAS WORTH THREE TIMES what we paid!! It takes just a little more effort to put on than an open-front blanket but that effort cannot compare to the !SAVINGS this blanket provided!!

  • Karen Jackson - September 29, 2011

Have not used the blanket as yet but it fits nicely.

  • Jessica Casey - March 02, 2011

ran very small, too short on horse but fit enough to keep him warm.otherwise nice blanket.

  • Jackie Ley - February 20, 2011

excellent blankets, i have told everybody that was looking for blankets were to order from, keep up the good work on your product and i love the sells

  • Janice Haus - December 12, 2010

had a problem with the first one on the belly band wrap. the piece where you slid strap through was sewn on wrong but the blanket was nice.I returned it,I got the second one and I do like it.

  • Trudy Smith - November 20, 2010

Tears in belly area.

  • Marcia Goodwin - November 19, 2010

got them on sale and they are very nice and fit my friesian horses, kinda wish winter rain comes here in southern california!

  • Elinor Tucker - November 17, 2010

Haven't needed to use it yet.

  • Julie Harvey - November 30, 2009

I love this blanket! The price was fantastic too! Thank-You!

  • Carla Carlough - April 01, 2009

These blankets are great for our horses because we our horses are pasture horses, and the closed front holds up much better than the open front blankets. Closed front, waterproof, insulated blankets at a reasonable price are hard to find. We have 60 to 70 horses at all times, so we have to shop for bargains. Buying in bulk helps to lower our cost. All of the horses are our, i.e. we don't board horses for other people, so we're very cost conscious.

  • David Potts - November 18, 2008

have not used yet but looks nice

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