About “Hay & Bale Bags”

Whether you need a hay bag for trailering or a slow-feed hay bag for the special needs horse, we have a great selection for every horse and feeding situation! From traditional poly-rope nets, small opening slow feed nets, canvas hay bags tr our exclusive, warranted and patented 4 Sided-Slow Feed Hay bags, we're sure you'll find the best product for your horse.

Slow Feed Hay Bags: Slow feeding to horse has been proven heathy, reduces acidity problem and maintain weight. Patented with one year warranty 1st in USA 4 Sided Slow Feed Hay Bags with 2" X 2" and 1.75" X 3.5" horse mouth shaped opening. Go around Slow feed, Top load with slow feed opening, Natural Grazer Slow Feed Hay Bag, Super tough bottom slow feed hay bags for horse tear bottom mesh.
Horse Hay Bags: Canvas Hay Bags, Nylon Hay Bags, Top Snaps Hay Bags and Top Load Hay Bags.
Bale Bags: Popular custom designed 3 layer bottom Half and Full Bale Bags. Extra Large 44" Hay Bale covers.
Horse Feed Bags: Canvas feed bags with leather reinforced vent holes, PVC mesh Feed bags.
Slow Feed Hay Nets: Soft Mesh Slow Feed Hay Bag with 2" X 2" opening. A detail study was conducted and this was proven that soft mesh horses prefer over abrasive poly mesh. Soft mesh is friendly on sensitive muzzle.